New Video From Blackout Balter Receives Classic Rock & Louder Magazine Support




Blackout Balter is an electrifying, 5-piece Alternative Rock band from Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Their first EP, Twist And Bend, featured Dave Keuning (The Killers), and received critical acclaim by the famed Consequence of Sound and Paste Magazine media outlets—two of America’s most important music magazines; and the album charted on CMJ’s “Top 200” and was named an FMQB “Top 25 Album” while being spun on some of America’s most important radio stations, to include KROQ.

‘Wild One’ is the second single to be taken from Blackout Balter’s forthcoming debut album ‘Animal’ which explodes with a rush of punk and alternative rock energies, ready to seize the moment and arrest the senses. An unapologetic assertion of love, struggle, and leaving, the band’s aptly-titled Animal speaks to human nature at its most visceral core: When gut instinct supersedes logic, and our inner animal roars. Blackout Balter’s first full-length album, produced by Grammy-winner Jeremy Ferguson (Cage the Elephant engineer and producer), and assisted by Grammy-winner Emily Lazar (David BowieCold Play), provides 14 tracks of pure adrenaline that inspires, excites, and pushes us to attack our dreams.


"We were done recording the entire album—13 tracks; and I remember driving home from the studio with an interesting melody stuck in my head," says Blackout Balter frontman, Phil Cohen. "It usually takes me a long time to write songs, but I finished the body of Wild One in only a few days. When I was back in the studio, I asked Jeremy [Ferguson], our producer, if we could record a quick demo of this new song that I was in the process of writing. When we recorded it initially, the song didn't even have a bridge. It sounded rough and raw, and I loved the way the topline vocal melody danced around the simple chord structure."

"Wild One is a nod to the military 'Jody' song format—a call and response song, sung during military marches. I love the way this format lends itself to somewhat of a haunting aesthetic," says Blackout Balter's Phil Cohen. "It's a passionate song, jam-packed with attitude and raw emotion. When we recorded Wild One, I thought we'd just keep it as a demo for the next album, as I wrote this song after the others had already been recorded. But we all really liked the song's character and grit, and it quickly became one of our favorites." 

UK charity Black Minds Matter, Howie B, Warriors of the Dystotheque & Pussyfoot Records join forces on new release

Title: ‘No Borders’

Artist: Warriors of the Dystotheque ft Howie B

Release date: 26th June 2020


A new collaboration between Warriors of the Dystotheque and Howie B is set to be released this month exclusively on Bandcamp for free or with a charity donation to UK charity Black Minds Matter. The track ‘No Borders’ was created completely remotely while all the players were in isolation, recorded and put together in a matter of days coming from a deep desire to connect across borders and boundaries. ‘No Borders’ is a deep, electronic jazz tune that will leave you feeling rather horizontal in the best of ways. An exhalation of air, a puff of smoke, tired but rallying, the boys enmesh languishing funk together with bass heavy programming in a melting pot of camaraderie.

Warriors of the Dystotheque are composed of DJ, Producer, Engineers and Musicians: Jonny Mac from Derry , Sean Graham from Coventry & Toulon and, The Brothers Nylon Mike and Nick Rufolo hailing from NYC. Their combined backgrounds have fed into a decade

of touring gigs and collaborations with acclaimed artists from such bands as Orbital, The Prodigy, The Happy Mondays, Pop Will Eat Itself, EMF and Shawn Lee. Warriors of the Dystotheque are unique in that they’ve never been in the same country throughout the recording and creating process, they are a self-professed ‘Anti-Social Network’ of musicians. So you could say that they were well equipped for the current climate’s creative confusion. Add legendary Scottish DJ, Producer and Creator Howie B (U2, Bjork, Soul II Soul) into the mix and you have the perfect pressure cooker for some stunning sounds.

In support of the Black Lives Matter movement and in response to the current fight for equality across the world, Warriors of the Dystotheque and Howie B would like to donate 100% of the money made from this track to Black Minds Matter.

“We have put together this organisation, to enable as many black people, to get specialised help. We aim to fulfil this by connecting black individuals and families with professional mental health services across the UK”


Purchase Here:


Warriors of the Dystotheque

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Howie B

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Liam Mour - Ode To Youth E.P. Released July 3rd - Support From BBC 6 Music , Gold Panda , Mary Anne Hobbs and more...

Liam Mour - Ode To Youth E.P.
Label: Ode To Youth / Release Period: July/Aug / Genre: IDM/Electronica/Ambient / Label: Self Release







Liam Mour’s approach to electronic music goes far beyond layering rhythm and sequence. His music reflects a timeless wave of sounds inspired by futuristic ambient spheres and expressive techno rhythms. Subtle darkness meets haunting melodies in a blurred impression of the depths of electronic music history. Through his keen use of analog synthesizers and analog effects he dedicates himself to the interaction of machine innovation and his own human senses.

Born in Central Asia in 1990, Liam spent part of his childhood in the Tien-Shan mountain range. He started playing the piano at the age of 6 and began to record and produce music on mixers and tape machines early on. With a background as a singer and multi-instrumentalist he was gradually drawn to enhancing his technical skills in music production.

After moving to Berlin, Liam set up his own studio at the renowned Funkhaus Berlin, where he has pursued numerous musical projects. Through these, he has toured with Gold Panda, played support shows for Four Tet and Max Cooper and is currently part of Nils Frahm’s live crew.

Liam Mour is about to drop his first single ‘Ode To Youth’ on May 22nd, followed by the single ‘Are You Ready For Change’ (June 12th), and his debut EP 'Ode To Youth’ in July.


Ode To Youth

- A message to the listeners -

Ode To Youth is my first record to be released on my eponymous label on the 26th of June 2020. The sequence of songs can be understood as a musical autobiography - a retrospective story of my youth.
As a child I had only a few material things that were important to me such as my guitar, my skateboard and maybe my favorite cap. These things had a special meaning to me and always seemed to be irreplaceable gadgets of my life. As long as they were in my possession I was able to dream.

In order to be able to put myself back into that position I decided to limit my studio set up drastically. Taking only my absolute favorite synths, my best drum machine, a few effects, press rec and start playing. I wanted to make a record that transports the same feelings and possibilities I had during my youth. If you got only a skateboard but no skatepark you’re starting to look around to see what you can make from what you have. A stair becomes a curb, a tree becomes a castle and fantasy becomes reality. That’s the spirit I’m missing these days and the reason why my first record is called ode to youth.

When I had a particular sound in my mind I made it from what I had. I used the possibilities of the moment - e.g. my EMT 244 reverb broke during the recordings of „Grainy 244“. It started to grain the shit out of my speakers but I loved it and recorded the greatest pads I’ve ever made which you can hear continuously on the whole EP.

I didn’t want to work with all that vintage equipment just for the sake of it but to get a real chance to limit myself to what I really need.
After a few tracks and some great bottles of sake I slowly started to remember numerous situations of my youth which then inspired me to compose and produce. I started somewhere in Asia and ended up being at my own studio in Berlin writing down my thoughts. My music helps me creating a timeless place where my memories and thoughts can rest. It’s a privilege to me and I really appreciate it to be able to share it with you

All tracks were written, recorded, produced and mixed at my studio at Funkhaus Berlin. Mastered by Zino Mikorey. Inspired by youth.

Vision Music Promotion
E :

Alex Banks New E.P. - Airplay On BBC 6 Music / Previous Support From Mixmag/Uncut/Clash/Q Magazine


Alex Banks - Beneath the Surface Remixed Pt.1 will be released Thurs 27th Feb on


Q Magazine: 4/5 “powerful and sometimes overwhelming debut that pushes all the right buttons”

Uncut: 8/10 “Illuminate is a rich alluring debut”

Clash: 8/10 “muscular machinations of a precocious newcomer”

Mixmag: 3/5 “absolutely breathtaking in it’s audacity and intergalactic ambition”

Alex Banks -

‘Beneath The Surface Remix EP'





ALEX BANKS released his critically acclaimed second album 'Beneath The Surface’ on Max Cooper's Mesh Label in 2019, and it perfectly showcased Alex ability to blend raw beats, and melodic emotion with genres like Techno, Electronica and Old Skool Rave. Following his debut album on Modeselektor's Monkeytown Records,  'Beneath The Surface’ harnessed elements of live performance, at times free-flowing and unpredictable, seamlessly fused with forward-thinking technical production.

'Beneath The Surface’ has now been remixed and split into 2 x E.P.’s due out in the first half of 2020. E.P. 1 includes mixes by Ital Tek / Thomas Ragsdale / Thomas Gandey/ Jinjé & L.U.



Ital Tek

Ital Tek is the artist name of producer and composer Alan Myson. Since signing to the renowned Planet Mu label in 2006 with the industrial infused “Blood Line EP” he has gone on to release five albums, numerous EPs and tour live worldwide cementing his reputation as an exciting and unique voice in the world of electronic music.

Over the course of the past decade Ital Tek has carved his own niche in the broad spectrum of bass music by creating evocative melody rich yet dance-floor friendly music with references to classic Electronica and a strong Sci-Fi element blended masterfully to create his own style of hard hitting and melodic bass music. His widely acclaimed 2016 and 2018 albums ‘Hollowed’ and ‘Bodied’ went far beyond his earlier more dance-genre based work, leaving just the footprint and especially the sonic weight and space of dubstep providing a more cinematic, abstract and impressionistic approach.


Over the last few years, Jinjé has had a number of singles released via London-based House & Techno label, Messrs Kick & Drum Records. More recently, his huge club smash 'Big Skies' came out on legendary techno label Ostgut Ton >> which gained support from on Jon Hopkins, Gerd Janson, Nemone and nd_baumecker, amongst others.


Jinjé (aka Lee Malcolm) is a founding member of experimental Leeds-based band Vessels who have morphed into a maximalist live techno outfit, as evidenced by their last two albums- ‘Dilate’ (released in March 2015) and ‘The Great Distraction’, which came out on Different Recordings in Sep 2017. Lee also had a run of techno releases under his Lee J Malcolm moniker for EPM Records.

Thomas Ragsdale

Yorkshire based composer Thomas Ragsdale melds cinematic electronica with immersive soundscapes and blissful techno workouts.

Spending his formative years composing a varied catalogue of music for TV, film and advertising companies, his gradual shift into the world of performing music is one that's quickly won acclaim from the likes of Resident Advisor and FACT. His music has been featured with great effect in two groundbreaking BBC documentaries by Adam Curtis including the acclaimed 'HyperNormalisation', where his track 'Warning Mass' was featured extensively alongside the likes of Brian Eno, Burial and Aphex Twin. His music has also found its way onto commercials by BMW, Prada and Twitter. Thomas is part of Domino Publishing's exclusive and prestigious composer roster alongside Jon Hopkins, Siouxsie and the Banshees' Steve Severin and Beta Band's Steve Mason.

Lost Unicorns (L.U.)

Lost Unicorns is a new cinematic electronica project from composer & producer Harry Peat.

Blending neo-classical recording with dark electronic beats and sonic wizardry, Lost Unicorns’ first release was a haunting dub house remix of Eric Satie’s Gnossienne No.1 for Decca’s Piano re:works album.

The forthcoming album is a sci-fi journey through contemporary film score and cerebral electronica, due for release in 2020.

Thomas Gandey

Enigmatic and passionate Electronic Producer, DJ, Live Artist, Vocalist and Keyboard player, Thomas Gandey has gained an international cult status having released an abundance of electro futurisms, electronic tales of musical bliss, vintage synth led cosmic voyages and of course his trademark blue eyed electronic soul.

With latest releases on Innervisions, Kompakt & Decca, his output has scored loyal supporters the world over, having all the while enjoyed a triumphant career as an international DJ and Live Artist, holding residencies at Space Ibiza, Razzmatazz and Womb in Tokyo, to mention a few, amassing a seasoned 1200 shows the world over. First discovered under his Cagedbaby guise, his debut album ‘Will See you Now’ was released by ‘Southern Fried Records’ to international critical acclaim.

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Alex Banks

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Jinjé Links:



Instagram: @jinjemusic


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Max Cooper

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Mark Nystrom [Photography Artwork for Falling Down + Album]

Andrew Weatherall - Unknown Plunderer / End Times Sound

Andrew Weatherall, the noted DJ and musician passed away on Monday 17 February 2020.
Vision PR had the pleasure of working with Andrew across a number of releases, and he was an absolute gent, as well as a master of his craft. The Byrd Out label is due to release Andrews new single on Friday 21st Feb 2020 , and being right in the middle of the promotion of the release its difficult to know what to do. Having spoken to his management and his label however they have decided that the release should go ahead, and we'll let the music speak for itself. Although of course the context is one of huge sadness, we hope Andrew would have wanted his new music out there, so on Friday the release of 'Unknown Plunderer' will go live. His infectious love for music touched many lives, and he will be sorely missed. Our thoughts are with his friends and family.

Ripperton Has Remixed Radiohead, Beanfield and Joris Voorn, Here He Re-Works Newcomer Ly sander

LY SANDER - 'LAY DOWN' feat. Jules Etienne



When Jules Etienne provided these dazzling vocals, Ly Sander knew they deserved the song to be built around them. The poetry and dreamy emotions of the lyrics fully embrace us with this slow tempo in-cantation. Ripperton brought his own magic by bringing the track back up to club speed.

"I had invited Berlin based Jules Etienne to record some lyrics to a preexisting uptempo instrumental” explains Ly Sander. "When I witnessed their deep and intricated poetry, I decided to build a whole song from scratch.

The result is Lay Down, Ly Sander’s first track not to bear any link with his previous efforts that focused on danceable music. It’s ultra low tempo is somewhat intriguing. 

"I clearly had my album in mind upon producing this track. A track that you will enjoy at home rather than in the club" says Ly Sander who’s album «Landing» is to be released next year on Special place recordings.


Ripperton is certainly one of the most thought after electronic music remixers, with over a hundred reworks to his credit for artists such as Radiohead, Laurent Garnier or Beanfield. When Ripperton heard Jules Etienne’s impeccable vocals, not only did he accept this remix duty but took over his holiday time to do so. «It is so rare to get to work on vocals where everything falls right into place» says Ripperton. «I really took time to take this track where I wanted it to be». Ripperton also chose to match the vocals to an instrumental at the original speed of 120bpm, making it fit for the dancefloor where it could well become a new favorite.

" src="cid:6E3EE737-9F16-4FA2-9C40-A8FE674409D8" alt="Screenshot 2019-10-28 at 15.35.00.png" type="application/x-apple-msg-attachment" apple-inline="yes" apple-width="yes" apple-height="yes" class="Apple-web-attachment Singleton Apple-edge-to-edge-visual-media" style="margin: 0px -14.5px; opacity: 1;">


Ly Sander was highly inspired by the roots of Dance music, the melting pot of music influences and most specifically the Loft’s founder David Mancuso’s philosophy of building a travel through music. Another source of influence is the genius of leftfield dance music artist Arthur Russell, probably one of the only musicians to have pushed the use of Cello into dance music. As a producer, Ly Sander released tracks on labels such as Drumpoet Community, Electric Minds, Deeply Rooted House, Enterbt Rec, Konsequenz, Mental Groove, Raoul or Creaked. But before being a producer, Ly Sander is a natural DJ who started playing over 20 years ago out of his passion for party music, along a timeline spanning from today to the beginning of the 70s, including so called Disco, Deep and Underground House. He brought his energic and bouncy vibe to numerous venues in Europe and NY, including the Panorama Bar and Tape Club in Berlin, legendary Dachkantine and Zukunft in Zurich, the Ambassade in Lyon, Electro Mecanic in Beirut, D! Club, Loft and Folklor in Lausanne, XL in New York and many many more. He shared the decks on countless occasions with famous DJs such as Alex From Tokyo, Dixon, DJ Deep, Efdemin, Manoo, Maurice Fulton, Move D, Orpheu The Wizard, Quarion, Till von Sein...

Also a renowned master at playing classics, Ly Sander held the successful New York Disco Club (NYDC) party in Geneva from 2002 to 2010. Much before the surge in interest for Disco, he there revived the roots of NY’s dance culture and saw all of the founding legends such as Danny Krivit (Body’n’Soul), David DePino (Paradise Garage), Hippie Torrales (Zanzibar) or Nicky Siano (The Gallery, Studio 54) come over and share the decks with him.


Berlin based Jules Etienne has been much heard of recently with his string of electronic music releases on labels such as Uncanny Valley, Funnuvojere or Apersonal. Nevertheless, he started his career as a singer where his soft and delicate voice would enrobe some folk compositions of his own, namely on a couple of albums he released, often backed by his own acoustic guitar.



Of course, the easiest way to introduce Ripperton would be to mention a music career that spans over two decades and a body of work that includes three highly praised albums on Green and ESP institute, essential collaborations with fellow countrymen Mirko Loko (as Lazy Fat People) and Deetron (as Roots Panorama) as well as stellar remixes for Laurent Garnier, Radiohead, Beanfield or Joris Voorn. We could also point out that his music has been released on labels as prestigious as Planet E, Border Community, STHLM audio, Innervisions, Maeve, Systematic, Connaisseur or the infamous Music Man. Not to mention that his own label Perspectiv published 50 releases which were at the forefront of electronic dance music back then…

But no, we won't mention all that. Let's keep it modest and focused on the here and now. For example, you should know that despite releasing an ambient album (and working on a promising live set that prolongs it), Ripperton doesn't want to stop making House and Techno… no, that would be too easy! So instead he keeps forging an exciting musical path by releasing his own tracks and those of other luminaries such as Isolée, Bicep, Iron Curtis, Quarion or Baikal on his excellent Tamed musiq imprint (distributed by dutch institution Clone) and by working on a modular-based live set.



Special Place Recordings

Ly Sander


Jules Etienne


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Message To Bears - 'Small Light' Video, Taken From The New Album 'Constants' * SUPPORT FROM LINE OF BEST FIT, BBC 6 MUSIC, CLASH, INDIE SHUFFLE, GOLD FLAKE PAINT, STEREOGUM *



LABEL: Self Release  / RELEASE PERIOD: July-September 2019 / GENRE: Electronica, Folk, Post Rock



‘Constants’ is the 5th LP from Jerome Alexander under his Message To Bears moniker.

After living in London for the past 5 years where he released 2 albums, countless remixes, collaborated with and produced for other artists, Jerome returns to live in his hometown of Bristol, where he completes his new LP from within his home studio, located on the edge of local woodland. It would be these daily walks amongst small streams and ever-changing trees that would influence and help form this latest collection of songs. These small glimpses of meditations are a means of processing all the anxieties that would otherwise be neglected without an outlet for creativity. Constants is an attempt to hold onto something real and grounding amongst the seemingly fleeting and fragile experiences of life.

FOR PRESS / RADIO ENQUIRIES CONTACT - rob (at) visionmusic (dot)

Mattia Cupelli - 'Electric Shrines' * Over 25 Million Plays / influenced by Nils Frahm and Nicolas Jaar,

Mattia Cupelli

Electric Shrines











Mattia Cupelli is an italian composer/producer based in Rome, Italy.
He merges Neo-Classical/Soundtrack/Ambient sounds with modern Minimal Electronic music.

Early works are mainly based on Soundtrack, Orchestral Music and Modern Piano music, and he is making himself known through his YouTube channel, that counts over 25 millions plays and 100K subscribers.

His last works are highly influenced by artists like Nils Frahm and Nicolas Jaar, and try to make acoustic and electronic instruments co-exis, this sets the basics for his sound.

Wankelmut Remix Rilan & The Bombardiers - As Featured on Netflix Show 'Shooter'

Rilan & The Bombardiers 

Walking On Fire - (Wankelmut Remix)

LABEL: Narli Records








Rilan & The Bombardiers is a band from Haarlem (NL) formed around the artist Rilan Ramhane. These exceptional musicians skillfully combine Pop, Soul, Funk and Rock. In combination with Rilan Ramhane's extraordinary voice they create a sound that does not seem to be from this world.

The song "Walking on fire" was released in 2016 and is one of their most personal songs.
Contrary to what is commonly known, the interest for this song has grown from year to year. Pretty early on NETFLIX decided that Walking on Fire would not only conquer hearts but would also touch souls, which is why it was featured in multiple Netflix and FOX productions like "Shooter", "Rosewood" and "Shut Eye".

Due to the deep meaning of this song and the steadily increasing interest a remix, by one of Europe’s most famous DJ’s ‘WANKELMUT’, has now been created.

The song will be released on May 24th this year and is only the beginning of a collaboration between the two artists and the start of a new era, one to which we should all stay tuned.