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A free mix based around the release of Andrew Weatherall and Timothy Fairplay's new remix album.

Poppy Ackroyd - Escapement

Poppy Ackroyd - 'Escapement' Album Review

The ethereal and contemplative debut from the Edinburgh based Poppy Ackroyd is now available from the ever reliable Denovali records.

Poppy Ackroyd has just released Escapement through Denovali Records, her debut album in which she examines the potential that lies beyond traditional structure and composition. Originating from London, Ackroyd is a classically trained musician who has worked extensively with the likes of Hidden Orchestra.

Her musical roots are evident on Escapement, which bears all the hallmarks of a wonderfully composed classical piece, however, what it manages to do is create an extension upon the grounds which a traditional composition is based. Approaching the instruments in novel and unique manners to achieve unrecognisable sounds, both intriguing and captivating, Ackroyd adds great depth and mystery to a solid and enticing framework.

Due to the experimental nature of the music contained on Escapement, Ackroyd felt that it was essential to the process to record and perform the music herself. From her home studio, she painstakingly constructed the album, using not only the instruments, but also sampling elements of nature through field recordings. Birdsong and rainfall are just two examples of the natural world samples which can be heard throughout.

‘Aliquot’ and ‘Seven’ are standout tracks which lie somewhere in the worlds between film score and contemporary instrumental, whereas ‘Grounds’ goes beyond that and escorts us to somewhere else altogether, somewhere unknown and magical. It comes as no surprise to learn that the performer has also had a great deal of experience in theatre and interpretative dance, as well as performance art, as fractions of these can all be felt on Escapement.

There is a joy and delicacy which permeate this release, one which commands not only initial attention, but which lingers and ferments long after its final chord, enticing and calling for a repeated listen. Escapement changes into many things as it shyly becomes more familiar; joyfully melancholic and fragile, yet with a strength that lifts it far beyond the watery inconsequentiality which can damage such light compositions.

A wonderful record to discover just as we prepare to wrap up 2012, it is great to hear that Poppy Ackroyd will be touring early in the New Year.

All words by Colin McCracken. You can read more from Colin on Louder Than War here. Colin also writes extensively about movies over at his website & you can follow him on Twitter.

Poppy Ackroyd can be found on Facebook HERE and on Twitter HERE


Satellites 'Wasteland'

SATELLITES is one man on a journey - Johnny Vic.

For those who discovered it, SATELLITES.01 was undoubtedly one of the best of 2012.

As Rough Trade’s #16 Album of last year, this strangely unassuming project has been gently surfacing in the wider media at both press and radio through 2013. And launching as a limited release to independents for Record Store Day 13 in the US, it has been garnering some passionate blogger notices in both the US and Europe.

Meantime, Johnny has been quietly documenting a next stage in his rite of passage as a man and Artist: SATELLITES.02 lands in the UK this August.

Here is the first single ‘Wasteland’ which succinctly sets up the deeper sense of colour and perspective of the second SATELLITES album. 

Satellites - 'Wasteland' on MUZU.TV.

Mr Dirty Smart

Mr Dirty Smart 'Break Ya Neck'

'Break Ya Neck' EP out now.

Renowned clothing label Dirty Smart has branched out to set-up his own Ibiza night as well as produce his own music, reaffirming himself as a key figure in the dance industry.

He's just announced his debut EP through the name "Mr Dirty Smart" and this is where the mix "Break Ya' Neck" was born...Enjoy!

Andrew Weatherall

The Asphodells (Remixed) Coming Soon

Andrew Weatherall & Timothy Fairplays musical project The Asphodells are releasing a remix version of their recent ‘Ruled by Passion…’ album.

The original album received 4 star reviews in MOJO / Q / GUARDIAN / TIMES / ARTROCKER / CLASH / DIS amongst many more and is also THE QUIETUS album of the year.

The remixes come from people like JUSTIN ROBERTSON / RICHARD SEN and IVAN SMAGGHE.




The Asphodells (REMIXED)

Gramme - Fascination

Gramme - Fascination

Gramme are amazing and have influenced Hot Chip a lot over the years, it just sounds great when they play together' – Joe Goddard (Hot Chip) 

Gramme is the musically pioneering band that went missing in action sometime around 2000. Originally signed to Trevor Jackson's Output label, the band emerged in the mid-nineties with a sound so out of step with the cultural milieu they found themselves swimming against the tide.

Originally a five piece, the band formed around a shared love of the emotional melancholy now synonymous with Factory artists such as Joy Division, Section 25 and A Certain Ratio. Gramme were attracted by Manchester's psycho disco of the early 80's and NY's subterranean proto punk-funk on 99 Records and bands like Liquid Liquid and ESG. The die was cast when, following a particularly intense Camden gig in 1996, the legendary DJ Nathan Gregory said the immortal words “ I love your band, but I dunno whether to dance or pogo?!”. The individuality of Gramme around ‘97 remains their lasting signature.

The band recorded the seminal Pre-Release EP in 1997 but it was not released until 1999. The EP was produced by Trevor Jackson and was made in hours rather than days, accurately documenting the fever and sweat of those early sessions at Blackwing Studios in London. It was a cult hit and featured the track Like U which went on to be a favourite amongst those in know, including Hot Chip who included the track on their DJ Kicks compilation from 2007. Tim Goldsworthy and James Murphy have also acknowledged the influence of the EP on the early DFA sound.

After more than a decade of silence – no gigs, no music, no nothing – Gramme return with their debut album Fascination. The cult around the band and their lone release, the Pre-Release EP, continued to grow until in 2011 some mysterious 12" bootlegs of Like U began to appear, with edits by Joe Goddard of Hot Chip. A few months later self released white labels begin to circulate with new Gramme material. Those recent EP's have gone on to form Fascination, the first full studio album by Gramme.

Read the AltSounds album review of Gramme - Fascination here.





I almost shit my pants when it was confirmed I'd be interviewing both Ghostface Killah and Sheek Louch, ahead of the release of the most overdue collab project in hip-hop, Wu-Block. Albeit a fuzzy fifteen minute conference call of an interview, but a chance to chat to rap's New York royalty all the same. And with the Wu-Block LP dropping imminently, I kinda feel like it's testament to both crews that fans, young and old, are still hyperventilating with anticipation at the union. I mean, we're living in a time where hip-hop's snuck up on the music world to become the monopoly and we're spoilt for choice of furiously talented MCs.

So, are they fazed by today's dizzying amount of competition? I asked them to find out* (*I asked and then giggled to the point of nervous hysteria.)

Noisey: Heya! So, how did Wu-Block come about? I know for a lot of people it felt like it was a long time coming?

Sheek Louch: I’d been a fan of Wu forever and always wanted us all on one project and D-Block always had the same love back from them. The chemistry has always been there so I feel like it was meant to be, however long it took to get to this point. When I got signed to Def Jam we started touring together a lot and ended up having all these songs, enough to do a project like this. So, I really believe it was by the grace of God it happened.

Me too. How comes you didn't call yourselves “D-Tang”...or “DANG”?

Sheek: HAHAHA, ain’t it obvious?!
Ghostface Killah: Actually, “Dang” sounds fly, “Wu-Dang”?
Sheek: Girl, you’re crazy…Daaaaaaang.

I like portmanteaus. Anyway, I was watching an interview with you guys, where you said you had no intentions to cater to the “skinny jeans" rap crowd. What did you mean exactly?

Ghost: At the end of the day, we just don't make music specifically for them, their ear is plugged into a certain type of music, this new new shit. But if the skinny jeans crowd recognized and came to see Wu-Block, then they're more than welcome. Nobody is left out with us.
Sheek: For real. This ain't no soft shit, we out here making that monster music. Like, don't be at my show with spandex and skinny jeans on if you a man! But if a skinny jeans nigga wanna fuck around and genuinely listen to our stuff it's all love.


noisey. Music by vice.
Read the full interview by Jo Fuertes-Knight over at Noisey. Music by Vice.


Bomb the Bass - 'In the Sun'

Post weekend blues? Need something to liven your mood? Well then look no further as here at DT we’re getting the week underway with a bang as we offer you this exclusive premiere of the new Bomb The Bass album, ‘In The Sun’. With huge hits such as ‘Beat Dis’ and 'Bug Powder Dust' , Bomb The Bass helped to mould the late 1980s acid house and trip hop scenes. Their linchpin, Tim Simenon, has led the group through a number of different incarnations, painting vivid pictures of modern culture on albums like ‘Clear’, ‘Unknown Territory’ and ‘Into The Dragon’, whilst also producing for Depeche Mode and Neneh Cherry, among others. More recently Bomb The Bass have settled as a duo, vocalist Paul Conboy providing lyrical complements to Simenon’s continually inventive productions. With new album 'In The Sun' the duo have made arguably their best work under the moniker.

‘In The Sun’, is a slow burning night time record to tantalize the senses. Never ones to stand still, Tim Simenon and Paul Conboy hone their sound to nine dreamy, hypnotic songs that retain their urban edge, with strong rhythmic input from drummer Christian Eigner. ‘Time Falls Apart’ and the single ‘Wandering Star’ are prime examples; the former’s woozy mood complemented by urgent brass stabs, the latter featuring a powerful and affirming vocal. The album’s pulse beats strongly in ‘All Alone’, where held background textures collide with quick percussion to give nervous energy, and the gritty, backs-to-the-wall approach of ‘We Are All Lost’.  But don’t take our word for it, give it a listen below. Enjoy…

'In The Sun' by Bomb The Bass will be available via O*Solo Recordings June 7th 2013

 Stream 'In The Sun' in full here!

Data Transmission


Blood, Guns and Table Tennis. Telemachus.

Featuring guest spots from Roc Marciano and more, FACT TV today premiere the video for In the Evening‘s ‘Tennis Season’, directed by Ian Pons Jewell. Without giving too much away, it features sweat, blood, tennis, bordering-on-gratuitous flesh and dismemberment in the most literal sense (ahem). Watch it til the end.


ShockOne 'Chaos Theory'

Bass music star unleashes new album, including No.1 iTunes single 'Chaos Theory'

ShockOne  is back on storming form, with his killer debut album ‘Universus’! Karl  Thomas released his first EP as ShockOne in 2009. Since then he has been behind a string of successful singles, that have seen; Beatport and iTunes number onesYoutube hits by the millions, as well as support from influential industry tastemakers. Having seen early strong support in the UK from Eddy Temple Morris on XFM, Shock One went on to feature regularly on Annie Mac and Zane Lowe's BBC Radio 1 shows. This is not to mention, DJ support from the likes of Chase & Status, Knife Party and Skrillex.

The album opens up with ‘Chaos Theory’. The latest in Karl’s array of chart storming singles, that he has unleashed on the Bass music community. Having already ranked up over 400,000 Youtube views, Chaos Theory’s screaming basslines and hard hitting beats have already proved popular. Ascending synths prevail, whilst infectious vocals push punters towards the dancefloor.

Next up is ‘Harmonize’. An uplifting D&B workout. Grimey undercurrents complement tearing beats, causing severe dancefloor damage. Moving on we get into ‘Big Bounce’, a funky jolting contrast from the first few tracks of the album. At first, swaggering bass works closely with chopped up funk synths and off beat drum patterns. Then mid track, we drop into an epic, arpeggiated keyboard solo, displaying subtlety and refinement, before dropping back into the meat of the 4/4 take, on ShockOne’s sound.

Mid album is ‘Crucify Me’. An epic D&B adventure with Phetsta along for the ride. Succesfully released as a two part single in 2011, this mini D&B saga has already enjoyed club/festival support from the top dogs. Cue plays from; RuskoNero, Chase & Status, Pendulum and the general festival illuminati. Euphoric synth stabs dominate along with uplifting vocals, plus bags and bags of energy! 

Next up on ShockOne’s bass music menu, is Relapse feat. Sam Nafie. Maximalist synths rev up and blast out energy by the bucket load. Add an epic melody and emotive vocals from Sam Nafie, and you have the 1 million youtube hits sensation that is Relapse! To finish off the LP, we are softly brought back down to ground level, with a beautiful euphoric outro ‘Light Cycles’. This album is bursting with energy. But it also demonstrates melody, musicality and progression. A lethal combo that makes for a big album to watch for 2013!


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