Workerz – Work With Me EP




«Work With Me » is the third WORKERZ’s release within a year. WORKERZ is a dance music project by French producer Jean-Patrick Simonetti, formerly known as one half of Les Petits Pilous. This latest EP is on a hip-hop/clubby tip, thanks to rappers Gita and Adian Coker delivering the goods over vicious yet summary tracks, and another evidence of how WORKERZ has absolutely no problem to steer the wheel of groove just the way he feels like to. 

« No Witnesses (Reworkz version) » feat. Adrian Coker is a dynamic, early night warmer, complete with pitched up vocal cuts, swirling deep house pads, and a gentle funky bassline. Adian Coker spits over this to make things a little rugged and raw, and adds extra catchiness.
« Work With Me » is a soft-focused, pedestrian deep house epic teeming with gentle neo-Detroit synths and drum kits. The kind of track you’d love to hear as the soundtrack a late afternoon pool party, infectious with sweetness and warm melancholy.

« Bass Rider » feat. Gita is the kind of rap/dance mutant track you couldn’t have imagined even in your dreams only a decade ago since it almosts inverts the hip-hop part and the electro part. The bass of the title is roaming all over a slowed-down electrofunk beat while industrial funk bits screech in tempo. Like most if this EP, it’s subtle and subdued – club tracks for sophisticated dancers.

« No Witnesses (Original Rap version) » might be the most upfront tune on this EP : airy synths, sped-up soul vocals and crisp 80s/trap beat keep things tight while Adian delivers his verses. A laidback hit designed for night drives, on your way to the club.

« Bass Rider (Ryme remix) » is an obviously bass-heavy stomper, dry and hypnotic, sometimes reminiscent of 2004 classic « Freak » by late Mark Bell aka LFO. Gita rides the beat with her Missy/Azealia inspired flow and just kills it.

« Work With Me » is a definitely well-balanced, mature EP from our favourite WORKER.