Satellites ‘Wasteland’

SATELLITES is one man on a journey – Johnny Vic.

For those who discovered it, SATELLITES.01 was undoubtedly one of the best of 2012.

As Rough Trade’s #16 Album of last year, this strangely unassuming project has been gently surfacing in the wider media at both press and radio through 2013. And launching as a limited release to independents for Record Store Day 13 in the US, it has been garnering some passionate blogger notices in both the US and Europe.

Meantime, Johnny has been quietly documenting a next stage in his rite of passage as a man and Artist: SATELLITES.02 lands in the UK this August.

Here is the first single ‘Wasteland’ which succinctly sets up the deeper sense of colour and perspective of the second SATELLITES album. 

Satellites – ‘Wasteland’ on MUZU.TV.