Spotify Playlist Promotion

We focus on submitting your track to genre specific independent curator’s (playlister’s) with between 2,000 – 500,000 followers.
When your music is added to many playlists, you receive real streams, followers and your songs have the potential to go viral.
We take you along with us every step of the way during your promotion campaign, providing you with correspondence and screenshots of all playlist activity.


We have one of the most extensive networks of independent Spotify curators today. Independent playlisters make up some of the most influential tastemakers on Spotify. We know what playlists matter and how to get your music to the ears that matter.


No fluff. We take on projects for a minimum of 1 month to 3 months (depending on budget) creating a pipeline of curators and influencers. We provide a progress report with playlist links, follower numbers, and relevant stats. We do not utilize bots or any artificial methods for our campaigns.


Your music will be promoted to hundreds of playlists and influencers across a range of platforms for placement. Our targeted accounts and playlists have subscribers from tens of thousands, to millions of listeners.


Our biggest strength is in the numbers. We’ll show you trending information on your catalogue, what songs are working, and where they are working. This will allow you to understand how and where your music is being heard.


We tier all of our playlists, ranking them by ENGAGEMENT.
The reason for this is that the amount of followers a playlist has does not always correlate with Engagement.
Our system ensures that we prioritise engagement before other metrics

We have 2 x Tiers of playlist:

High tier: Delivers an average of at least ~2,500 daily streams across the playlist (not per track)

Mid tier: Delivers an average of at least ~1,000 daily streams across the playlist (not per track)