Liam Mour – Ode To Youth E.P. Released July 3rd – Support From BBC 6 Music , Gold Panda , Mary Anne Hobbs and more…

Liam Mour – Ode To Youth E.P.
Label: Ode To Youth / Release Period: July/Aug / Genre: IDM/Electronica/Ambient / Label: Self Release







Liam Mour’s approach to electronic music goes far beyond layering rhythm and sequence. His music reflects a timeless wave of sounds inspired by futuristic ambient spheres and expressive techno rhythms. Subtle darkness meets haunting melodies in a blurred impression of the depths of electronic music history. Through his keen use of analog synthesizers and analog effects he dedicates himself to the interaction of machine innovation and his own human senses.

Born in Central Asia in 1990, Liam spent part of his childhood in the Tien-Shan mountain range. He started playing the piano at the age of 6 and began to record and produce music on mixers and tape machines early on. With a background as a singer and multi-instrumentalist he was gradually drawn to enhancing his technical skills in music production.

After moving to Berlin, Liam set up his own studio at the renowned Funkhaus Berlin, where he has pursued numerous musical projects. Through these, he has toured with Gold Panda, played support shows for Four Tet and Max Cooper and is currently part of Nils Frahm’s live crew.

Liam Mour is about to drop his first single ‘Ode To Youth’ on May 22nd, followed by the single ‘Are You Ready For Change’ (June 12th), and his debut EP ‘Ode To Youth’ in July.


Ode To Youth

– A message to the listeners –

Ode To Youth is my first record to be released on my eponymous label on the 26th of June 2020. The sequence of songs can be understood as a musical autobiography – a retrospective story of my youth.
As a child I had only a few material things that were important to me such as my guitar, my skateboard and maybe my favorite cap. These things had a special meaning to me and always seemed to be irreplaceable gadgets of my life. As long as they were in my possession I was able to dream.

In order to be able to put myself back into that position I decided to limit my studio set up drastically. Taking only my absolute favorite synths, my best drum machine, a few effects, press rec and start playing. I wanted to make a record that transports the same feelings and possibilities I had during my youth. If you got only a skateboard but no skatepark you’re starting to look around to see what you can make from what you have. A stair becomes a curb, a tree becomes a castle and fantasy becomes reality. That’s the spirit I’m missing these days and the reason why my first record is called ode to youth.

When I had a particular sound in my mind I made it from what I had. I used the possibilities of the moment – e.g. my EMT 244 reverb broke during the recordings of „Grainy 244“. It started to grain the shit out of my speakers but I loved it and recorded the greatest pads I’ve ever made which you can hear continuously on the whole EP.

I didn’t want to work with all that vintage equipment just for the sake of it but to get a real chance to limit myself to what I really need.
After a few tracks and some great bottles of sake I slowly started to remember numerous situations of my youth which then inspired me to compose and produce. I started somewhere in Asia and ended up being at my own studio in Berlin writing down my thoughts. My music helps me creating a timeless place where my memories and thoughts can rest. It’s a privilege to me and I really appreciate it to be able to share it with you

All tracks were written, recorded, produced and mixed at my studio at Funkhaus Berlin. Mastered by Zino Mikorey. Inspired by youth.

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