( INDIE / FOLK ) Rogue Jones Release New Double A Side Radio Single. SUPPORT FROM THE GUARDIAN

_”My favorite band Rogue Jones have finished their debut album

and it’s amazing. Gonna be a good year for music.”_

– *Rob Ackroyd, Florence and the Machine*

_”Discovering the decidedly nutty Rogue Jones affected me in a somewhat

different way. I was simultaneously confused, excited, happy, antsy, and

slightly terrified… but altogether tickled by their whimsical charm.”_

*Charlie Piercey, Buzz Magazine*

“charmingly quirky, oddball songs in Welsh and English”

– *Robin Denselow, The Guardian*


*’Human Heart / Gogoneddus yw y Galon’* is the first double A side single from the new album *VU by ROGUE JONES*.

After releasing their first two singles in 2014, Little Pig of Tree and Halen, Rogue Jones have been back to ‘I’T’ Drwg Studio in Caerdydd to finish their first album.

Living in Cardiff, but originally from Cwm Gwendraeth, Ynyr Ifan and Bethan Mai for the duo Rogue Jones. Their electrifying live performances astound their audiences, combining a wide range of instruments from an accordion to an omnichord, with charming melodies and lyrics awash with imagery. Bethan and Ynyr have been concentrating on preparing the album over the past year, but look forward to playing a number of gigs in the near future to promote the album, with a live band consisting of Bethan’s sister Mari Morgan, Elen Ifan (both from folk group `Saron’), Ben Isaacs and Jim Deacon (Kutosis), and Steffan Ebsworth.

Out on December 2nd the album will be available on CD and vinyl from your local record store, with a digital version available on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. The CD, vinyl and download will also all be available on the Blinc Records website, blincrecords.com/shop <http://blincrecords.com/shop>

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