UK charity Black Minds Matter, Howie B, Warriors of the Dystotheque & Pussyfoot Records join forces on new release

Title: ‘No Borders’

Artist: Warriors of the Dystotheque ft Howie B

Release date: 26th June 2020


A new collaboration between Warriors of the Dystotheque and Howie B is set to be released this month exclusively on Bandcamp for free or with a charity donation to UK charity Black Minds Matter. The track ‘No Borders’ was created completely remotely while all the players were in isolation, recorded and put together in a matter of days coming from a deep desire to connect across borders and boundaries. ‘No Borders’ is a deep, electronic jazz tune that will leave you feeling rather horizontal in the best of ways. An exhalation of air, a puff of smoke, tired but rallying, the boys enmesh languishing funk together with bass heavy programming in a melting pot of camaraderie.

Warriors of the Dystotheque are composed of DJ, Producer, Engineers and Musicians: Jonny Mac from Derry , Sean Graham from Coventry & Toulon and, The Brothers Nylon Mike and Nick Rufolo hailing from NYC. Their combined backgrounds have fed into a decade

of touring gigs and collaborations with acclaimed artists from such bands as Orbital, The Prodigy, The Happy Mondays, Pop Will Eat Itself, EMF and Shawn Lee. Warriors of the Dystotheque are unique in that they’ve never been in the same country throughout the recording and creating process, they are a self-professed ‘Anti-Social Network’ of musicians. So you could say that they were well equipped for the current climate’s creative confusion. Add legendary Scottish DJ, Producer and Creator Howie B (U2, Bjork, Soul II Soul) into the mix and you have the perfect pressure cooker for some stunning sounds.

In support of the Black Lives Matter movement and in response to the current fight for equality across the world, Warriors of the Dystotheque and Howie B would like to donate 100% of the money made from this track to Black Minds Matter.

“We have put together this organisation, to enable as many black people, to get specialised help. We aim to fulfil this by connecting black individuals and families with professional mental health services across the UK”


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