I almost shit my pants when it was confirmed I’d be interviewing both Ghostface Killah and Sheek Louch, ahead of the release of the most overdue collab project in hip-hop, Wu-Block. Albeit a fuzzy fifteen minute conference call of an interview, but a chance to chat to rap’s New York royalty all the same. And with the Wu-Block LP dropping imminently, I kinda feel like it’s testament to both crews that fans, young and old, are still hyperventilating with anticipation at the union. I mean, we’re living in a time where hip-hop’s snuck up on the music world to become the monopoly and we’re spoilt for choice of furiously talented MCs.

So, are they fazed by today’s dizzying amount of competition? I asked them to find out* (*I asked and then giggled to the point of nervous hysteria.)

Noisey: Heya! So, how did Wu-Block come about? I know for a lot of people it felt like it was a long time coming?

Sheek Louch: I’d been a fan of Wu forever and always wanted us all on one project and D-Block always had the same love back from them. The chemistry has always been there so I feel like it was meant to be, however long it took to get to this point. When I got signed to Def Jam we started touring together a lot and ended up having all these songs, enough to do a project like this. So, I really believe it was by the grace of God it happened.

Me too. How comes you didn’t call yourselves “D-Tang”…or “DANG”?

Sheek: HAHAHA, ain’t it obvious?!
Ghostface Killah: Actually, “Dang” sounds fly, “Wu-Dang”?
Sheek: Girl, you’re crazy…Daaaaaaang.

I like portmanteaus. Anyway, I was watching an interview with you guys, where you said you had no intentions to cater to the “skinny jeans” rap crowd. What did you mean exactly?

Ghost: At the end of the day, we just don’t make music specifically for them, their ear is plugged into a certain type of music, this new new shit. But if the skinny jeans crowd recognized and came to see Wu-Block, then they’re more than welcome. Nobody is left out with us.
Sheek: For real. This ain’t no soft shit, we out here making that monster music. Like, don’t be at my show with spandex and skinny jeans on if you a man! But if a skinny jeans nigga wanna fuck around and genuinely listen to our stuff it’s all love.


noisey. Music by vice.
Read the full interview by Jo Fuertes-Knight over at Noisey. Music by Vice.