Klangphonics are a trio that produce and perform live electronic music. By using a combination of acoustic instruments and electronic elements, they bridge the gap between producer and live band. 

This results in a very natural, organic sound, whilst still retaining the energy associated with deep house and melodic techno.

Onstage drums, guitar and diverse percussion are blended with synths and sequencers, creating a performance that works as well in a club as it does in concert. 


Since the release of their debut E.P. “Songs to Try” at the end of 2021, live techno trio Klangphonics have managed to create a real impact on a music scene still very much recovering from a world pandemic. Unable to promote their music in a live context, they used social media to reach people online, with their signature videos combining techno/house music with acoustic instruments gaining millions of views. In the last 9 months they have built up a following of over 70,000 engaged fans across social media. After numerous requests to do so, they are thrilled to finally take their brand of live techno out on the road across Europe, and perform their music in the context for which it was always intended. Acoustic meets electronic, producer meets band, concert meets club night – whichever way you look at it, Klangphonics are doing something special.



Live Dates 2022:

Tour/Club shows

22.4 Graz

5.5 Regensburg

7.7 Leipzig

23.9 Berlin

29.9 Munich

20.10 Köln

3.11 London

4.11 Glasgow

5.11 Liverpool

17.11 Vienna

19.11 Prag

2.12 Zürich


20.05 – Craiova (Romania)

21.05 – Bamberg

1.06 – Bergen (Norway)

25.06 – Mühlheim

5.08 – Passau


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