Levitation Orchestra


“Levitation Orchestra’s inspirations range from Alice Coltrane and Sun Ra, to Stravinksy and Ravel, all blended in the mixing pot of London’s heritage of diverse sound-system music. Expect cinematic landscapes and emotions mixed with all the energy of the vibrant new London jazz scene.
Following their formation in 2018 by musical director Axel Kaner-Lidstrom, Levitation Orchestra has earned a reputation as a visionary artistic collective, whose dynamic live shows have built a following which stretches beyond the UK jazz scene and across genres.

The group has developed a uniquely egalitarian approach to creativity, and their “ultimate disregard for any boundaries” has allowed them to create a perfect blend of their diverse musical influences.

The 11 members include Plumm, XVNGO, James Akers, Maria Osu, Yuis, Eriksson Kaner, Mackwood, Paris Raine, Hamish Nockles-Moore, Emma Barnaby, and Axel Kaner-Lidstrom. Individually, they are all leading their own exciting projects. Together, they are Levitation Orchestra.”

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