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Lu’Ami mixes live vocalised loops with electronically produced sounds to create a bed of Icelandic pop, neo soul, electronica and jazz, overlaid with catchy pop melodies.

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Able to silence a room with rich soulful tones, she has often been compared to artists such as Erykah Badu and Björk.

From the recently released mixtape (2021), you can expect Alternative/Indie tracks with elements of experimental pop and layers of hip-hop drum beats. Relentlessly Alt-Pop, each of the songs from the mixtape were written by Lu’Ami on a loop pedal, with inspiration coming from a variety of female artists including BANKS, Little Dragon, Billie Ellish, Erykah Badu & Grimes.


Her songs have been known to melt away tension while expanding your mind and widening your eyes – TheMeltingMusicPot


This experimental mixtape is Lu’Ami’s third major release after debut release “Better” in 2016 and “Warriors” launch in 2019 where she toured the EP in Berlin, Amsterdam and Hamburg. This was Lu’Ami’s first international tour where she had improvised jams with musicians that she met and played a collection of awe-inspiring venues. Lu’Ami also sparked conversation on social media with her “Warriors” EP launch about what empowerment is, encouraging stories from fans about what empowerment means to them, with the ability to then connect with each other. This was as part of a Kickstarter campaign Lu’Ami successfully ran for the launch, which was supported and funded by her fanbase.


That same year she also supported Afrobeat, Ska/ Funk band Town Of Cats on their tour of Europe summer of 2019 in Belgium, Austria and Lake Garda. Lu’Ami has also been celebrated by BBC Introducing, performed live on BBC 4 in front of Louis Theroux and alongside Rag N Bone Man. Connecting and collaborating with people is one of the most important elements of Lu’Ami’s musical journey, as playing music live has put her in amazing situations to expand herself by meeting and connecting to new people she wouldn’t usually meet and building community through music.


Lu’Ami also is passionate about using her music for change, with sustainability and mental health at the forefront of causes she supports. Her first EP “Better” has raised over £2115 for the Mental Health Foundation and she collaborated with several sustainable fashion designers for the EP launch. The launch of “Better” was hosted in a beautiful church, where Lu’Ami chose a sustainable fashion designer to show their collection down the runway of meadow flowers to each track. The EP launch was funded by supporters of the project on Kickstarter and was to raise awareness of climate change. The collective sold sustainable products and had a speaker from MyGreenPod magazine. Nina Kovacevic (Founder War & Drobe) has also since used Lu’Ami’s music while she had her models walk down the runway at the renowned London Fashion Week.


Lu’Ami is a continuously evolving artist that puts pure spirit, feeling and honesty at the helm of her work. Her influences and experiences are bound together in a way that is recognisable on both a musical and human level, yet somehow indefinable.


A raw talent using a sample pad in such a way its clear she has an astute musical intelligence. Sounding like a mix of old school jazz vocals, Prince and Bjork without sounding like a fax machinean incredible performance – Festivals for All (blog)


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