Luke De Sciscio

‘Song-writing achieving a rare degree of intimacy.’ – Clash Magazine

‘Airplay on the Huey Morgan and Cerys Matthews shows’ – BBC 6 Music

‘One guy and a guitar, it’s hard to be the grabber. He does it.’ – Bob Boilen NPR

Prolific UK songwriter Luke De-Sciscio is a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist whose music has become synonymous with disarming honesty, ethereal beauty and candid self-expression.

Introduced to the guitar by his Grandfather, it wasn’t until his 20’s where, whilst living on a canal boat, Luke found the full scope of his mercurial voice. Driven first by an insatiable appetite for truth and secondly by the pursuit of connection, Luke’s recordings capture real moments as close to the source of inspiration as possible and are unfettered by the bells, whistles, smoke-screens and mirrors that adorn the majority of modern productions.

Whether behind a single microphone recording live or inhabiting some of the UK’s most prestigious venues, Luke strives to capture transcendent moments with devotional abandon, bridging the gap between his soul and his voice, his hands and the truth and ultimately, between self and other.

In a career that has been studded by rampant periods of intense creativity there is every sense that each release was merely an exercise in refining his tools, such that when he was called to create, he was able to without doubt. 2023 is one such vintage year. 4 albums in the space of 12 months that culminate on the revelatory, undeniable ‘Heaven’.

Breathtaking, poetic and at times, achingly tortured. ‘Heaven’ drips like honey down the wall of an asbestos cave. The 9 songs coil into a single revelatory pass, through devotional crooning in the realms of Chris Isaak, up the spirited abandon of Van Morrison and into the bliss-like pool where Jeff Buckley, Emma Ruth Rundle and Chelsea Wolfe lure Jason Molina to a watery-grave.

Pure, unfettered and fearless. ‘Heaven’ is an album which stands out from a slew of releases which have already seen Luke receive airplay on some of BBC6’s most popular shows. Endorsed by Huey Morgan, Cerys Matthews, Tom Robinson and Bob Boilen, having been billed to support some of the World’s most highly regarded artists. The career of Luke De-Sciscio, though only just beginning, is one on a fated trajectory.

Tours across the UK, Europe and North America are just the start, now is the era when Luke De-Sciscio will expand his range, stake his claim and on the wings of his abundant discography, offer his unique talent, unbridled gift and fearless devotion to the World.





Live clip:  (from sold out show at Chapel Arts Centre, Bath 2023)