Bomb the Bass – ‘In the Sun’

Post weekend blues? Need something to liven your mood? Well then look no further as here at DT we’re getting the week underway with a bang as we offer you this exclusive premiere of the new Bomb The Bass album, ‘In The Sun’. With huge hits such as ‘Beat Dis’ and ‘Bug Powder Dust‘ , Bomb The Bass helped to mould the late 1980s acid house and trip hop scenes. Their linchpin, Tim Simenon, has led the group through a number of different incarnations, painting vivid pictures of modern culture on albums like ‘Clear’, ‘Unknown Territory’ and ‘Into The Dragon’, whilst also producing for Depeche Mode and Neneh Cherry, among others. More recently Bomb The Bass have settled as a duo, vocalist Paul Conboy providing lyrical complements to Simenon’s continually inventive productions. With new album ‘In The Sun‘ the duo have made arguably their best work under the moniker.

‘In The Sun’, is a slow burning night time record to tantalize the senses. Never ones to stand still, Tim Simenon and Paul Conboy hone their sound to nine dreamy, hypnotic songs that retain their urban edge, with strong rhythmic input from drummer Christian Eigner. ‘Time Falls Apart’ and the single ‘Wandering Star’ are prime examples; the former’s woozy mood complemented by urgent brass stabs, the latter featuring a powerful and affirming vocal. The album’s pulse beats strongly in ‘All Alone’, where held background textures collide with quick percussion to give nervous energy, and the gritty, backs-to-the-wall approach of ‘We Are All Lost’.  But don’t take our word for it, give it a listen below. Enjoy…

In The Sun’ by Bomb The Bass will be available via O*Solo Recordings June 7th 2013

 Stream ‘In The Sun’ in full here!

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