Andrew Weatherall – Unknown Plunderer / End Times Sound

Andrew Weatherall, the noted DJ and musician passed away on Monday 17 February 2020.
Vision PR had the pleasure of working with Andrew across a number of releases, and he was an absolute gent, as well as a master of his craft. The Byrd Out label is due to release Andrews new single on Friday 21st Feb 2020 , and being right in the middle of the promotion of the release its difficult to know what to do. Having spoken to his management and his label however they have decided that the release should go ahead, and we’ll let the music speak for itself. Although of course the context is one of huge sadness, we hope Andrew would have wanted his new music out there, so on Friday the release of ‘Unknown Plunderer’ will go live. His infectious love for music touched many lives, and he will be sorely missed. Our thoughts are with his friends and family.