Music Promotion

Ahead of the curve now for over 20 years , Vision was one of the first agencies to offer a wide range of promotional / PR and booking services under one roof. We have many years experience in all aspects of PR and promotion at Vision and we believe our skill set, creativity and vast range of contacts can help artists / labels / brands and events develop and expand within the music industry and beyond. We mastermind campaigns to reach and influence the various youth and music markets, resulting in exposure, awareness and most importantly, increased sales.

We have the knowledge, creativity and passion to reach our sector like no other, and bring a fresh and dynamic approach to PR and digital marketing for our clients.

What We Offer

Some of our Promotional services include:

▪    Press promotion / PR / copy creation
▪    Radio promotion
▪    Blog / website / magazine / newspaper coverage
▪    Spotify playlist promotion
▪    Instagram promotion
▪    Full national & regional press promotion in the UK
▪    Full national & regional press promotion in France
▪    Social media management
▪    Booking
▪    Video promotion
▪    Club Promo / Remix management
▪    Brand product placements / endorsements
▪    Content seeding (video, audio, copy)