Soundcloud / Youtube / Tik Tok / Snapchat Promotion


For our YouTube campaign, we will use a variety of methods including adds to user-generated playlists on YouTube, as well as target ads running natively on YouTube, Google, and Facebook.

Our approach results in organic views and a substantial increases in the engagement/retention rate, driving up not only views and likes, but also subscribers to your profile.

Years of experience, thousands of dollars spent, and great retention rates for long term effects gives us a significant advantage when promoting your video.

Case Studies:

Thutmose – Blurry Nights: MAJ – Trial & Error:

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For our Soundcloud Repost campaigns, we leverage our extensive network of influential artist and tastemaker accounts. By doing so, we can organically boost a track’s plays and reposts, which increases an artist’s following on Soundcloud and can help them establish and grow their fanbase.

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On Snapchat we offer targeted influencer marketing with large brand awareness, at an extremely low price.

We have the ability to target influencer accounts on Snapchat within the music niche to match each client’s ideal audience. Our Snapchat network has a potential reach in the millions across all influencers.

“Swipe up” stories can be effective for redirecting an audience and generate YouTube video views or followers on other social media channels.

Duration: 2-3 Days (Stories stay up for 24 hours)

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We can pitch music to influential curators on TikTok an app that has boomed over the past two years and is very popular amongst young people, with over 60 million monthly active users.

One of the greatest features of TikTok for music promotion is that the platform is connected to the Apple Music API and as a result, success on TikTok directly correlates to success on Apple Music.


  •   TikTok campaigns consist of posting to our influencer pages according to the size of the campaign
  •   Posting campaigns begin one to two weeks after the campaign is confirmed
  •   Posts as part of a campaign are kept up on the applicable influencer pages permanently
  •   Client can create a challenge on TikTok for a better chance of trending on the platform
  •   Our campaigns are measured in influencer reach
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