( SHOEGAZE / ELECTRONIC ) Magnetic Magazine + Vision Music Promotion present exclusive ULRICH SCHNAUSS & NICK WARREN mixes of PROJECT SKYWARD Support from SASHA & DIGWEED


ULRICH SCHNAUSS MIX: http://www.magneticmag.com/2016/02/project-skyward-holographic-universe-ulrich-schnauss-remix-magnetic-premiere/

NICK WARREN MIX: http://www.magneticmag.com/2016/02/project-skyward-solstice-eclipse-nick-warren-remix-magnetic-premiere/




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Los Angeles resident and Holistic Science / Astronomy graduate
Ryan Field creates wonderful shoegaze electronica as Project Skyward.

Solstice Eclipse / Holographic Universe is the first taster of the Project Skyward’s 3rd album due in the later half of 2016, and Hope Recordings have decided to release it with two stunning remixes from Ulrich Schnauss and Nick Warren.

The legendary Ulrich Schnauss does his thing on ‘Holographic Universe’, with a pacey, infectious vocalled and ethereal wonder its genre defying, and all the better for it.

Then its straight to the dance floor with Nick Warrens rework of ‘Solstice Eclipse’. Drawing on the melodics from the original, and utilising the mysterious vocal, its moody enchanting, and uplifting.

Project Skyward
is primarily the vision of singer/songwriter/programmer Ryan Field, aka ‘Skyward’. After obtaining a degree in holistic science and astronomy, Ryan sought to express ideas about the universe and their relation to human experience through music.

Project Skyward’s second album, ‘Moved by Opposing Forces’ won many supporters in the press, and ‘Shoegaze’ fraternity,  Uncut, Subba Cultcha, Ulrich Schnauss and Robin Guthrie amongst them. As with the new material the album contained enough aural alchemy to propel your eardrums heavenward; however, the emotional intensity of the music ensures each wistful, seemingly weightless track remains rooted firmly to Planet Earth. It is this combination of ethereality and earthly accessibility which gives the music such power.

Like a chance meeting in space between Flying Saucer Attack and the Cocteau Twins, Project Skyward is as catchy as it is cosmic. Modulated guitars, sublime electronics and breathy boy/girl harmonies combine to create an androgynous, boundless music which is so radical and yet so recognisable, it could only have been hatched on this planet.

More Info – rob@visionmusic.co.uk

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