Joe Goddard, member of Hot Chip and the 2 Bears, songwriter, producer, DJ, remixer and co-founder of the Greco-Roman label. Like Four Tet, Caribou and Jamie xx, Joe combines a thirst for experimentation, an instinctive understanding of the dancefloor and a love of left-of-centre pop music.

Kaleida are the transatlantic female electronic duo whose darkly mystic soundworld finds glimmers of hope in the disquiet. The duo first garnered international acclaim in 2014, when single ‘Think’ went viral overnight and featured on the soundtrack for the cult Keanu Reeves film, John Wick.

After releasing the Think EP in 2015, tours with Alt-J and Roisin Murphy cemented their musical path.


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Vision are decamping this week to the wonderful M For Montreal festival in Canada, Vision have recruited and organised the UK delegates for this years festival. We can't wait to check out the bands and the wonderful city of Montreal.  


M For Montréal – Music Festival & Conference 14-18 NOV 2023


Vision are decamping this week to the wonderful M For Montreal festival in Canada, Vision have recruited and organised the UK delegates for this years festival. We can't wait to check out the bands and the wonderful city of Montreal.


M for Montreal is a major springboard for musical artists on their way to a national and international career.


Alongside its annual international circuit of events and meetings, M for Montreal has also been organizing an annual rendez-vous in Montreal for the past 18 years. Each year, the event brings together over 500 local, national and international delegates for 3 days of showcases, conferences and networking activities.


M for Montreal is a catalyser of real business opportunities between artists and industry professionals. It contributes to the promotion and export of the selected artists, as well as positioning Montreal as

Lance Gurisik 'Cull Portal' is The Guardian's album of the month with a 4 star review secured by Vision

Congratulations to Lance Gurisik who's incredible new electronica / jazz based album 'Cull Portal' features heavily in this months Guardian newspaper:


For Press / Radio copies please contact vision (at)

Mercury Music Prize nominated Maps (Mute Records) and Lil Peep's producers Lederrick join Russian Linesman on new album 'If Miniature World Is Our Safe Space, Then Pass Me The Shrink Ray'

'If Miniature World Is Our Safe Space, Then Pass Me The Shrink Ray’ is the new album from Russian Linesman. The project features a number of collaborators, most significantly Mercury Music Prize nominated Maps (Mute Records) and one of Lil Peep's producers Lederrick.

"The album was inspired by a rummage through old boxes of lyrics and diaries during lockdown, this musical journey explores the emotional complexities of navigating modern life while yearning for the simplicity of the past. It delves into the weight of expectations and obligations, transporting listeners to moments of wonder and enchantment and rekindling a sense of curiosity long forgotten.” - Russian Linesman

Russian Linesman's highly anticipated new album "If Miniature World Is Our Safe Space, Then Pass Me The Shrink Ray" has finally arrived after three years in the making. This collaborative project features a range of talented vocalists and producers, including Maps, Lederrick, Valeska Rautenberg, Marta Hagen, Scarlet Season, Liv Naes and Cesca. Working remotely and face to face in the studio to create a unique and captivating album.

"I spent hours on the album's song order. It even borrows from favourite wrestling PPV card, the flow of the matches, up and down like Nevermind and Sgt Peppers. My son Harald came up with the title But Now We’re Not In The Dark. He’s due a writing credit.”  - Russian Linesman

With a fluid sound that defies the clichés of a lockdown album, "If Miniature" is an escape from the stresses of the world. Deconstructing old lyrics in parallel with easier times, the album is a nostalgic trip that explores the moments of childhood when one felt cared for. Channeling a love for nostalgia, the album immerses listeners in a world of wonder that is both familiar and new.

Things you didn’t know about the Russian Linesman…

1. Although he uses James Holden's favourite software Jeskola Buzz he still writes all his music on acoustic guitar and piano.

2. His music has been described as a form of ambient progressive electronica that draws inspiration from the likes of Nick Drake, Syd Barrett, My Bloody Valentine, and M83, amongst others.

3. As a DJ, he has performed all around Europe, supporting the likes of Nathan Fake, Fred Falke, Max Cooper and Lone.

4. Nemone’s support for his ‘Eysenck Suite’ project on her BBC 6 Music show proved a real pivotal moment.The Linesman was thrilled when she featured him in her “An Evening With…” slot, an honour previously bestowed on the likes of Jon Hopkins, Jean-Michel Jarre, Future Sound of London, Leftfield, Fatboy Slim, Ellen Allien and DJ Shadow:

5. Before enveloping himself in electronic music he toured as an acoustic singer/songwriter playing folk music.

6. He recorded the music for telecom companyTalkTalk’s ‘Light Graffiti Tour Of the UK’ advert featuring artist Michael Bosanko:

7. He has collaborated on remixes with Maps, Simon (of Bent), Max Cooper, Eelke Kleijn, Sun Glitters, James Yorkston, Morris Cowan, Audioglider, Magic Panda, Wesley Matsell, Ryan Davis, Margot, Avus, Jesse Somfay, Applescal, Roland Kinkenberg and many more.

8. He fulfilled a life long dream and visited most of the filming locations from Twin Peaks

9. Al Lowe, the creator of classic PC game ‘Leisure Suit Larry’, is a fan and features some of his music on his website:

10. He runs the Loki Recordings label in his spare time:

11. The British Psychological Society has reviewed the Russian Linesman’s music:

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A Short Biography - Russian Linesman

The enigmatic Russian Linesman has been recording music in his Nottingham lair for many years, writing acoustically and capturing snippets of vocals, guitars and pianos, and enclosing them in an expansive digital sarcophagus.

He has released numerous singles, EPs and two studio albums to date - his discography reads like a travelogue (which is rather ironic as he hates people who go on about travelling all the time). But so far, that is what the majority of his music has done - from his first release (a vinyl record) titled ‘Bratislava Story’, to his first full-length album ‘Icelandic Story’ (a concept album inspired by travelling around Iceland).

His follow-up, ‘Nostalgia Story’ was a trip into happy childhood memories interspersed with more recent events, balanced carefully on the borderline of nostalgia. The album’s thirty-seven songs were recorded live in one take.

2017 saw him release an incredibly ambitious project titled ‘The Eysenck Suites I-IV”, a year spanning, critically acclaimed series of 7-track mini-albums that explored the psychological theories of Hans Eysenck. This was followed in 2018 by a project featuring an array of remix interpretations of some of the ‘Eysenck Suites’ finest moments.

Throughout 2019 – 2020 he put out a project consisting of six four-track EPs released , at bi-monthly intervals.

He also runs the Loki Recordings label in his spare time.

Russian Linesman Socials:

Loki Recordings Socials:

Social Media:




Attack Magazine Deep Dive Into R&S Records, Currently Celebrating Their 40th Year At The Forefront Of Electronic Music !




R&S Records celebrates four decades of incredible music with a new compilation, In Order To Dance 4.0.

Attack Magazine look at the label’s history with label boss Renaat and some of the artists:

PRESS / RADIO RELATED QUERIES  FOR R&S CONTACT rob (at) visionmusic (dot)

'Quebec Spring' Brings A Wealth Of Musical Talent To The UK Festival Scene This Spring (Featuring in Line Of Best Fit, Notion Magazine and many more)



With a music scene growing stronger and more diverse than ever, the next wave of artists from Quebec will be amongst us this month under the QUEBEC SPRING banner between April 14th to May 13th, 2023.

Listen to music from Gayance, Bibi Club, Choses Sauvages, Fernie, Hanorah, Ivytide, Jonathan Roy, LAROIE, Laurence-Anne, Odreii, Vanille below , and catch them at upcoming UK showcase festivals Wide Days, Liverpool Sound City, FOCUS Wales and The Great Escape.

Music Magazine ‘The Line Of Best Fit’ have run a feature on all the artists involved here :


Check out the bands at the Quebec Spring Spotify playlist:


Electronic artist slEdger releases new track 'Softcastle' with a Nick Warren remix - support from Ashley Beedle, Timo Maas, Luke Una and many more...

(Pegdoll Records)
Softcastle by Sledger is a montage of indie bass/guitar, breaks, deep house and dubbiness, but with enough groove to stop any of the afore mentioned putting you off

“Will support on my radio show”- ASHLEY BEEDLE
"Love the track, would like to remix it." - NICK WARREN

"Really well done this" LUKE UNA
"Yep liking the vibes on this very much….”MATT BROWN (SANCHO PANZA) 
"Love it , will play it out on my set 5th August in Belgium." - RENAAT VANDERPAPERLIER (R&S RECORDS)
"Smashing .. really useful ..” - JAMES HOLROYD (BUGGED OUT / CHEMICAL BROS TOUR DJ)
"Rob, that is one superb piece of music! Right up my street!” LEE FISHER
'Nice Vibes’ 
"Amazing track” TREVOR FUNG
"I like it man! Very nice and phat” - JON CARTER
"Really nice .” - ANTHONY PAPPA
"Good work on this Rob !" PHIL GIFFORD (WOBBLE)




slEdger INFO:

Dubby electronic music with an indie dance vibe not really fitting any easy genre, slEdger is the latest musical project from London based Dj/Producer Rob Vision.

Rob has released music under various names over the last 15 years gaining support from people as diverse as John Digweed, Mary Anne Hobbs, Ashley Beedle and Annie Nightingale on BBC Radio 1, he’s also DJ'ed at various seminal UK clubs like Back To Basics, Elements and Turnmills often playing in the more musically experimental back rooms. 

From being a roadie, drummer, club dj, pirate radio host, club promoter, music pr and booker for other artists, Rob's journey in music has been a varied one to say the least, but with slEdger he may finally have found his musical calling.



Nick Warren - Global clubland and production legend, known for Way Out West, The Soundgarden, Global Underground, active since 88.

Nicolas Rada - DJ'ing and producing professionally since 2007, Argentinian born and long time collaborator with Nick Warren.

Crisp production, and driving beats alongside the elliptical tones of the original 'Softcastle' release, have been re-dramatised by 'Nick Warren & Nicolas Rada'. This track sits nicely being played anywhere in the world, think 4am in a club, festival or after hours, the sun has not quite hit the curvature of the earth, but it will.

State of the Nation team up with Ghostface Killah & Killah Priest from Wu Tang Clan, and Rene LaVice from BBC Radio 1 !! (Sony Music)

Artist: State of the Nation ft. Ghostface Killah & Killah Priest (Wu-Tang) 
Tracks: Super Soldier (Inc. Rene LaVice Remixes)

Release Date: 1st August 2022
Label & Distribution: Weaponsgrade Recordings / Sony
Main Mix:

Rene LaVice Drum & Bass Remix:


London based artist and producer ‘State of the Nation’ has teamed up with the Legendary Wu-Tang Clan to create a series of mind blowing tracks that question everything on the debut album ‘Dark to Light’, to be released at the end of 2022.

Super Soldier

Ghostface Killah rocks a super cosmic opening with galactic level articulation and hype delivery to kick off the journey into the Super Soldier story! In true, unique, Ironman style, Ghost takes us interstellar before the breathtaking chorus locks in the catchy and emotional hook. The depth of the second verse dropped by the ever philosophical Killah Priest is a testament to his expansive knowledge of the universe! The storytelling of Priest captures your imagination in ways that no other rapper can come even close to on this rollercoaster rhyme!

Rene LaVice delivers two blistering remixes of in-your-face Jungle/Drum & Bass bizness to flood your blood with subsonic vibrations!! These extended tracks have been ripping up dancefloors in the US, UK, Europe and Asia!


For Press / Radio enquiries contact Vision.

Line Of Best Fit interview the wonderful Indonesian jazz / electronic group BATAVIA COLLECTIVE









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Sean Johnston (ALFOS) airs a new mix on Rob Da Banks Worldwide FM show & releases new Hardway Bros single.




Sean Johnston (ALFOS) airs a new mix on Rob Da Banks Worldwide FM show this Sunday 03/07/22.

He also releases the new Hardway Brothers release:







Outre-Mer is a new digital imprint founded by DJ & Producer Sean Johnston. Best known for his decade long globe-trotting DJ partnership with the late Andrew Weatherall as A Love from Outer Space and his productions and remixes as Hardway Brothers, Outre-Mer will be an outlet for like-minded souls and musical mavericks.

The first release in co-operation with long time partners Timm and Ampo at Is It Balearic? Is The Summerisle Six - This Is Something. Hot on the heels of a Juno number 1 selling vinyl 12” on Is It Balearic, Outre-Mer are excited to release the digital EP on all major streaming and download platforms.

Sean has put together some righteous compadres to form a new project - The Summerisle Six. Featuring Jo Bartlett (Yellow Moon Band and Kodiak Island) on vocals, Andy Bell (Oasis and Ride amongst others) & Duncan Gray on guitars, Kev Sharkey (That Petrol Emotion, The Undertones, Elvis Costello to name a few) on percussion, Mick Somerset Ward on Sax (Clock DVA, Was Not Was, Crooked Man). This Is Something is a driving pop groover reminiscent of a late 80's / early 90's Indie Dance anthem. The Dub mix invites the OG mix to ALFOS, turns the lights off and presses the smoke button for a chuggy heartwarming trip across the dance floor. There are no words to describe Rico Conning’s mix other than to say this 10 min journey has to be heard to be believed. A genuine Balearic gem.