( NU SOUL ) Notion Magazine & Vision Music Promotion Present The Premiere Of Schulkid ‘La La Lave’ feat I Am Harlequin




“A rare talent” (Clash)

“The latest offering from the elusive producer is a gloriously catchy track that’s sure to earn a firm place on your summer playlist.” (Notion Magazine)

“SchulKid, a London-based producer and songwriter, presents what I like to call the sound of the future. I would love the music in 2 or 3 years to be just like ‘Wildest Promise’ – interesting, high-quality, surprising, and fresh.” (Queen Beetch)

One of the most strange yet fun tracks you’ll hear” (Indie Shuffle)


LA LA LAVE feat.

ARTIST: Schulkid / TITLE: La La Lave feat. I Am Harlequin
RELEASE: June 30th / GENRE: Orchestral Pop
LABEL: Stop Being Cute / DISTRIBUTION: Ingrooves

StartSelection:0000000199 EndSelection:0000002365 London-based elusive electro-pop artist SchulKid will be releasing his first EP Physical Education on 30th July later this year, following the success of his previous releases Wildest Promise feat. Valair and Slow Dancing also featuring Valair, which received wide praise from the likes of Clash, Indie Shuffle and Music Ninja.

The first single from the EP, Love Like This feat Tara Priya, was released in April to widespread acclaim, with La La Lave being the 2nd single. The intoxicating nature of the tracks set the tone for the whole EP, guaranteeing that SchulKid’s will be the sound of summer 2016.

SchulKid’s fearless efforts to “offer songs that are touching, moving, simply beautiful and at the same time bring a new sound to the scene” has him producing a collection of songs with the power to captivate the listener. With honest lyrics, haunting melodies and heavy beats, SchulKid has the ability to inspire your body with the freedom to dance.

Never straying too far away from pop, SchulKid is “hugely inspired by classical music” and also a range of progressive EDM producers.

Despite the pending release from the artist, we are no step closer to his identity. We will have to wait patiently for more hints from his artwork: “You can choose to believe I look like any one of them, whichever portrait the music guides you to. I have no desire to be recognised at face value, I just want people to recognise my sound in the future”.

will be digitally released on 30th June.


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