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Artist: Slikback

Title: Quoios/Klout

Label: Byrd Out

Catalogue No.: BYR032

Format: 12” (Edition of 300) and Digital

Territory: Worldwide

Genres: Techno; Trap; Industrial




New tracks of forward thinking club music from Kenyan producer Slikback, continuing in rule shredding, genre melding form.


Two new enigmatic originals, and two remixes – one from Sarmacja, natives of his current home, Poland, who give Quoios a dub workout, the other from Bristolian producer Sunun, spinning out Klout in a less pressured environment.

On the A side, Quoios charts a looming, atmospheric build-up gives way to driving, chain saw wielding industrial beats layered with vocals and samples. Klout meshes dark tones and complex rhythms, with a very slight nod to acid on the sounds. Both tracks are warehouse-ready dancefloor weapons.

On the B side, Sarmacja’s dub pulses from the off, introducing a strand of keening vocals and cosmic flushes. Sunun’s remix offers a slower, exploratory and haunting re-imagining of Klout.


12 May – Quoios (digital release)

4 June – full release, 12″ and digital


A1: Quoios (03:38)

A2: Klout (03:14)

B1: Quoios (Sarmacja Dub) (02:16)

B2: Klout (Sunun Remix) (03:32)