( Indie / Rock ) Albino Premiere Track From 4th Studio Album, Definitely One For Divine Comedy Fans !




“the quartets startling endeavour of fusing haunting grooves and irreverent lyrics make for a winsome combination…….infectious chord progressions and the occasional solo solidify each track”

“The combination of Tucker, Don Gibson and Fuzzy Salole craft vibrant, boisterous songs that are booth immediately engaging and highly memorable….. There’s a joy and a vibrancy to their music that is infectious”

“This is friendly music with a subtle kind of acid edge that embraces your heart and ears at first before sinking slowly into them….. Never maudlin or sentimental they have simple truths about life and how it is at their core, which is why you will like them”

albino 2 ‘Night At The Chemist’ is the 4th album from Indie / Rock band Albino.

Formed in 2005 Albino is probably London’s finest alcoholic indie rock band. Whisky-fuelled misdemeanour in musical form,  their latest album offers something more raucous and raunchier than their earlier work.

“Night at the Chemist” is a much heavier and distinctly driven record reflecting the world in which they have evolved.  Drawing from a deep well, spanning the indie rock curve Albino are full of melodic guitar twists and acrobatic rhythms that promote a metaphorical command of rebellion.

Albino have just completed a successful mini tour of Boston, New York and East Coast America, which followed a heavy touring schedule in 2016. More Whisky-fuelled live misdemeanour to follow in 2017.